We hope these testimonials from clients, colleagues and local partners will better assist you in your important Real Estate decision making process.
We moved to NC in May from OH, and our realtors were Mona Gersky and Leslie Rojohn You have excellent representatives for your agency. Mona spent so much time with us and between her and Leslie , they out shined themselves as realtors. We sold a home in OH and we felt we had a good realtor there, but she didn't hold a candle to how informed and helpful these two were. The hours given us and never the slightest sign of impatience was shown. All the final steps in the sale we're taken care of in a VERY complete and  professional manner with only our best interest at stake. We had lived in our home that we sold since 1973, so of course nothing was the same involving the buying of a home, plus doing it out of state was twice as challenging. They covered so many things that we hadn't even thought of. They are very much at the top of the game. We will always go to Mona and Leslie for any of our future housing needs. Keep up the good work.
Ron and Mary Gornek
Bryson City NC
"After thoughtful consideration, and with the expert advise of Mona and
Leslie, we decided to put our house on the market. Mona and Leslie offered
not only a highly professional approach as our selected real estate agents,
they were very personable and helped make a stressful experience, truly
rewarding. Mona and Leslie took the lead to sell our house quickly and
with a decent profit."

Martin DeWitt and Sharon Sanders
Candler, NC
I have sold one house and bought another with Mona and Leslie.  They were great to work with.  I never felt that my interests were being compromised or that my concerns were unheard.  However, it should be pointed out that SiSi is really the brains of the outfit.
Tony Hickey
Dear readers...please note that SiSi is our darling dog Sienna who accompanies us to the office.
Mona & Leslie,   We just wanted to Thank You for all your hard work on helping us purchase the Woodfin lot.  We think that you two did a terrific job and handled everything perfectly.  We were having a tough time in finding some property when we called on you and you acted fast on trying to find us some property to suit our needs.  In the future we will call on you again if we are looking for some more property and we will also suggest using you to our friends and family. 
Thanks again,
Donna & Ron
Sylva, NC

Mona and Leslie took a lot of time really getting to know me and my family, what we liked and wanted, and spent whatever time was necessary viewing properties with us to really get a feel for what made us excited - We were first-time home buyers, and did not always know exactly what we were looking for, and Mona and Leslie were very thorough in working through options and ideas with us. They really took the time to know us as people and as a family - Thanks,
Callee & Hunt Boulware, Sylva, NC


"Mona and Leslie at MoonDancer Realty are a treasure and true joy to work with."
2005 was a life changing period for both me and my future bride. In 2006 our moms were infected with the match-making bug and decided to get their recently-single kids together. Having grown up together, Andi and I hit it off right away and were soon engaged. We married in 2008 and made a transitional home in Cullowhee, NC. Our plan was to wait on purchasing a home in the mountains until my previous home in Durham sold, who could have predicted what the market did?! In the meantime we asked Mona and Leslie about listings in the area just to get a feel what was out there, but we explained that we were in no way in a position to purchase a home at this time, we only wanted some information.

On New Year's Eve 2011, Andi and I made a resolution that we were going to take advantage of the buyers-market by purchasing our dream home. We contacted Mona and Leslie at MoonDancer Realty and adventure was afoot. Mona and Leslie worked tirelessly for us. We discussed what we were looking for in a home, they took this information and produced an exhaustive list of properties they felt met our criteria. We looked through many, many listings. We refined our lists, then set out over a period of several consecutive weekends looking at countless homes. During this process and our weekend excursions we became good friends. Together... we found our dream home in the most beautiful area imaginable with all of our criteria met or exceeded. We closed on our new home two weeks ago; Mona and Leslie were with us every step of the way. This was the most pleasant home buying experience my wife and I have ever had. We highly recommend MoonDancer Realty.

There are many great things to be said of Mona and Leslie, anyone who knows or works with them can attest to that. One of the key factors in our decision to retain them as our realtors was their true respect of us as their clients. When we stated that we were not in a position to buy and that we would let them know when we were, they respected that. They didn't constantly hound us with calls or emails or texts. We would get the occasional "Hey we're having an open house if you're interested" or "Just checking in to say hi". Their respect of our time and our wishes was what truly won us over in choosing them as our realtors.Mark and Andi McNair, Franklin, NC


My husband and I were first time homebuyers and completely new to the process. It was terrifying at first, but with our realtor's (Mona and Leslie) help we quickly overcame our fears. We were constantly in touch with our realtors and not once did they make us feel like they didn't have the time for us. They were both always willing to put down whatever they were doing to give us the time to answer the questions we had or point us to someone who could provide the answer we were looking for. Mona and Leslie were FABULOUS! WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME!!!

Sonya & David Wachacha, Dills Cove - Sylva, NC


After looking at property independently for more than a year, we decided to use MoonDancer Realty as a buyer's agent. Mona was excellent at helping us narrow down our choices. What we were most highly impressed by, however, was the number of questions that we should have had as buyers that would not have been asked unless we had used MoonDancer. Mona and Leslie are prompt and very blunt in telling you about what you need to know on how to make an intelligent purchase, and have a real knack for learning what you truly want in a property. They are well regarded by the local service community. We know that their connections and reputation smoothed the process of locating the help we needed, from financing the house to finding someone for lawn care.

Pam and Corey Smolik, St Pete, FL and Sylva, NC


One weekend in March, 2012 my husband and I drove to Cherokee, NC to find the perfect mountain getaway to purchase. We were motivated buyers with every intention of purchasing a home that weekend, if possible. We started by looking up listings in our hotel room and driving to them on our own. We figured if we found one we liked, we would just contact the listing agent. This process led us to many beautiful properties only to find, to our surprise, not many agents willing to work with us because it was the weekend.

One particular property was on a gated road. Although we realized it was last minute on a Saturday and we'd already been turned away by other realtors, we gave the listing agent a call. We ended up speaking with Mona Gersky, a partner in MoonDancer Realty about the property. While speaking with Mona, an instant connection was made. Her professionalism has no boundaries and although the property in question was under contract, she went out of her way to find other listings we could drive to. She picked up on our likes and dislikes immediately. She scheduled a couple of showings for us before we went back to Charlotte with the promise of more to look at the following weekend.

The following weekend it was clear to us that MoonDancer Realty stood out from all the rest and were the perfect choice for us. They had prepared a booklet of all the homes we would be looking at. Not only did the booklet contain the MLS listings, but also checklists to write down our likes and dislikes. This was helpful because by the end of the day we couldn't remember all the homes we looked at. Mona helped us to see things we may not have noticed on our own about a property. Once we selected the perfect home, Mona and Leslie, MoonDancer's other partner, made sure every I was dotted and every T crossed. They assisted us by providing lists of lenders, attorneys and landscapers which they'd worked with in the past, so we could make a sound choice on whom to use. They never allowed any process to fall through the cracks. We live three hours away and never once worried how things were going.

We could go on and on about Mona and Leslie. If you are looking for the perfect mountain getaway you need look no further than MoonDancer Realty. This is truly a one-stop buying experience where in the end you may just end up with lifelong friends in the process. These two women are tops in the field and will go out of their way to make sure your buying or selling experience is top notched. They are truly diamonds in the rough.

Bob and Kathy Schneider, Charlotte & Franklin North Carolina